The United States spent six lost decades in the climate war. It finally gained ground | climate crisis

Scientists’ warning to the US president about the climate crisis was stark: the nations of the world were conducting a vast and dangerous experiment with their massive release of the planet’s heat emissions, which threaten to be “harmful from the point of view of humans.” They urged some kind of remedial action. This solemn warning … Read more

Trillionaires and the Burning Planet: A Perfect Deal

It feels appalling, watching Senator Joe Manchin weigh down congressional Democrats’ efforts to tackle climate change with fossil-fuel gifts, then watching Kyrsten Sinema hold Macin’s watered-down legislation hostage until a clause is stripped away that narrows a huge tax law loophole that benefits private equity billionaires. We all know time is running out: We’ll likely … Read more

Researchers find new ways to guide fusion using lasers and magnetic fields

Associate Professor Arigit Bos is a new member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Delaware. Received a grant from Sandia National Laboratory to study self-contained fusion that uses magnetizing pressure to produce nuclear fusion. Credit: Jeffrey C. Chase Imagine you’re trying to summon the Sun into your research lab. Yes, … Read more

British researchers believe that somatic mutations play a vital role in aging, longevity and death

Understanding why some mutations impair normal body functions and contribute to cancer may lead to new clinical laboratory diagnoses. New insight into human genes It may help explain the aging process and provide clues to improving human longevity that could be useful to clinical laboratories and researchers developing cancer diagnoses. A recent study conducted in … Read more

The House votes Friday to pass the Democrats inclusive healthcare and climate bill

Once the bill is approved by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, it will then go to Biden to be signed into law. Final passage of the bill would give Democrats a chance to achieve key policy goals before the upcoming midterm elections, at a critical time as the party fights to retain control of its … Read more

16 easy exercises that can improve your posture

have you ever laxity In the textures department? Thanks to smartphones, iPads, and more, many of us spend our days with our necks staring at our devices. Working from home has also caused complications, which experts affectionately refer to as “epidemiological situation. “ Explained Trista Zen, coach and founder of Coreset Fitness. The best way … Read more

Pharma stocks explode as investors prepare for litigation fees

shares GlaxoSmithKlineAnd the Sanofi And the halon All sold out sharply this week, losing tens of billions in market value, as investors feared potential US litigation fees focused on the popular heartburn drug Zantac. This has been a known issue bouncing around in the background for years, but investor anxiety exploded this week in the … Read more

3 warning signs about the economy seen in US companies: NPR

A trader works at the New York Stock Exchange in New York City on August 5. The majority of major US companies reported solid earnings, but warning signs about the economy are also starting to appear from corporate earnings. Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images Hide caption Caption switch Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images A trader … Read more

This company is ready to grow in new markets

Waiting for expected marijuana legalization at the federal level may be at the heart of what keeps the share prices of the leading multi-state cannabis operator contained. Some investors are simply not ready to put their money into these stocks without making more promises. But for long-term investors looking at market growth right now, that … Read more