The potential of virtual reality-based therapy for serious mental disorders

In June of this year, it was announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had granted UK-based OxfordVR an innovative designation of OxfordVR for its gameChangeVR therapy to provide immersive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for people with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. . . The FDA’s Breakthrough Device Program is for medical devices … Read more

Intel introduces children’s STEM character, virtual reality at the Hartford Fair

Croton — Intel Corporation won’t start manufacturing computer chips in Licking County until 2025, but the company provided a glimpse of its facilities and technologies on Wednesday at the Hartford Fair. The company showcased its capabilities and introduced science, technology, engineering and mathematics to children in a tent at the fair. Intel’s last day at … Read more

75 Years of Partitioning India: How Technology Opens a Window on the Past | Partition news between India and Pakistan

Growing up, Gonita Singh heard her grandmother Bhalla describe how she crossed into newly independent India from Pakistan in 1947 with her young children, and witnessed harrowing scenes of massacres and violence that have haunted her all her life. Those stories were not in Singh Bhala’s textbooks, so I decided to create an online history … Read more

SIGGRAPH 2022 Hybrid Conference Has Remarkable Figures With In-person and Virtual Presence

ChicagoAnd the August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Seagrave 2022, 49The tenth Annual conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive technologies, closed the personal part of the conference, 8-11 August 2022 in Vancouver, CanadaWith over 11,700 attendees, 90+ exhibitors from 16 countries, featured speakers, and a variety of episodes, shows, and hands-on experiences. Access to … Read more

FundamentalVR Series B, Roomba Home Spy Device

The really big news in the tech world this week is Amazon’s acquisition of Roomba. Dust isn’t the only thing a household robot collects. It also dumps data, mapping your home as it cleans. This data is valuable. Also significant is FundamentalVR raising $20 million for surgical simulation. Training proves once again to be one … Read more

PaleyWKND: City leaders join Paley Center for Media in announcing groundbreaking festival this fall

NEW YORK — A New York City institution is bringing a groundbreaking entertainment festival to Midtown Manhattan this fall. Mayor Eric Adams on Thursday announced PaleyWKND at the Paley Center for Media, a first-of-its-kind in-person event that will be an immersive celebration of media, sports, gaming, and entertainment. It will include interactive exhibits with the … Read more

Market shifts must mean a marketing shift

As a real estate coach, I consider it a great honor to have a “Wizard of Oz” moment with you. In other words, the nature of the training requires agents and brokers to pull the curtain and reveal the “magic” of their business operations. When some of us are starting to feel financial stress in … Read more

Treating phobias using virtual reality

Being immersed in a virtual fantasy world where you can play a knight or a wizard certainly has its appeal. But what if this virtual world is full of spiders, cramped spaces, or hundreds of people laughing at you? For startups like Fearless and oVRcome, which are using virtual reality technology to help people overcome … Read more

FundamentalVR raises $20 million for surgery simulation technology

picture: Basic If you’ve spent any time paying attention to VR news in the past year, you’ll be excused into thinking the industry is only fixated on Uninspiring games and costly efforts to conduct office work In, (insert jazz hands) “metaverse.” Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the company that used to be called Facebook, has already … Read more

Byrne’s Wizard adds a twist to the chip story

By WANG YING in Shanghai and FAN FEIFEI in Beijing | China Day by day | Up to date: 08-11 2022 09:03 Shanghai-based Biren Know-how launched the BR100, a general-purpose graphics processing unit, or GPGPU, on August 9, 2022. [Photo/] Shanghai-based Biren Know-how launched the BR100, a general-purpose graphics processing unit, or GPGPU, on Tuesday, … Read more