How to send text messages from your Mac or PC

Placeholder while loading article actions It’s 2022. The same cars drive around some cities. Some types of clothes become automated. At least a few people are convinced of that Artificial intelligence has become self-aware. So why is sending a text message from your computer still a bit of a crapshoot sometimes? True, it’s not true … Read more

How to unlock iPhone without passcode in 2022

Learn how to unlock iPhone without passcode before you get stuck. You never know when these methods will come in handy. You may have recently changed your iPhone passcode to secure your information, but now you can’t remember the new passcode and find yourself locked out of your phone. As frustrating as it can be … Read more

Another school has banned cell phones, but research shows that bans don’t stop bullying or improve students’ grades

credit: shutterstock This week, one high school in Sydney Newspaper headlines To ban cell phones during school hours. Phones can come to school but must be kept in sealed bags that allow teachers to “focus on student learning”. This comes after another phone ban in both the public and Private schools about Australia. In 2020, … Read more

Kodak Step Slim Instant Portable Photo Printer Review

Aside from HP, there are a few companies that have committed more to portable or pocket size photo printers from Kodak. We have already reviewed the company Mini Portable Photo Printer 2 Retro And the Retro 3 Mini Portable Photo Printer (The latter won an Editors’ Choice Award) this year, and today it’s the $79.99 … Read more

Analysis: With the revised Treasury, Prime Minister Kishida is working on selecting the next BoJ chief

A man looks at a mobile phone in front of the Bank of Japan building in Tokyo, Japan, June 16, 2017. REUTERS/Toru Hanai/File Photo Register now to get free unlimited access to Register Kishida pays attention to Abenomics supporters in cabinet reshuffle The two central bankers in Amman and Nakasu lead the candidates for … Read more