Increasing daily steps recorded on a smartphone assessed over 2 years correlated with a beneficial effect on CV risk factors.

Bigger daily steps recorded on a smartphone over two years have led to reductions in heart and blood vessels But it varies between men and women Increasing daily steps recorded on a smartphone assessed over two years are associated with a beneficial effect on cardiovascular risk factors, although not all of these positive effects were … Read more

The smartphone loan program is unlikely to violate the CMP law

Thursday 11 August 2022 Recently released by the Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) Fatwa 22-08 (“Advisory Opinion”), and concluded that the provision of limited-use smartphones by a Federally Qualified Health Center (“FQHC”) to existing, low-income patients (“the arrangement”) lacked the requisite intent to violate the Anti-Kickback System (“AKS”) Act. “)[1] And it was not … Read more

The Energy Assistance Scholarship Program Begins Next Month

Macomb, Illinois (WGEM) – People who need help paying their energy bills can apply for the Social Service program starting September 1 through the WIRC-Community Action Agency. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a federal grant that helps income-eligible homeowners and renters reconnect their energy services and pay their electric, natural gas, or … Read more

FEMA Helped Many Flood Victims in Eastern Kentucky Refused

State leaders said Thursday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has turned down many eastern Kentucky residents who sought help in the wake of catastrophic flooding in July that left 38 people dead and hundreds more homeless. “A lot of people are being denied. Not enough people are approved,” Governor Andy Bashir said during a … Read more

AITX Subsidiary Robotic Assistants Receive 3-Unit ROSA Order

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. Illustration of three RAD ROSA 3.0 security bots in simulated self-response mode. RAD has received an order for 3 ROSA devices from one of its agents to be published on a major developer site. Detroit, Michigan, August 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – artificial intelligence technology … Read more

3D Paper-based milk adulteration detection device

Handford, C. E., Campbell, K. & Elliott, C. T. Impacts of milk fraud on food safety and nutrition with special emphasis on developing countries. Comprehensive Rev. Food Sci. Food Saf. 15, 130–142 (2016). Google Scholar  Jha, S. N., Jaiswal, P., Borah, A., Gautam, A. K. & Srivastava, N. Detection and quantification of urea in milk … Read more

How an unusual system error caused an Illinois owner to reject $6,000 in pandemic aid – NBC Chicago

For more than a year, Glendale Heights owner Gope Thadani has insisted that the state of Illinois made a terrible mistake when he was denied thousands of dollars in emergency rental assistance. This money was allocated by lawmakers to people just like him, but state officials rejected his request based on the conclusion that he … Read more

LifeWorks and Cover-More announce agreement to acquire employee assistance provider Benestar

Melbourne Australia–(work wireLifeWorks, the market-leading provider of comprehensive digital and personalized wellbeing solutions, has announced an agreement with Cover-More Group to acquire Benestar, a leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and workplace wellness provider in Australia and New Zealand. Benestar is wholly owned by Cover-More, a subsidiary of the Zurich Insurance Group. The acquisition is subject … Read more