Armie Hammer shows unusual new tattoos as shocking ‘House of Hammer’ document accusations emerge

the newYou can now listen to Fox News articles! ARMY HUMMER He spent some time in Southern California after returning from the Cayman Islands. On Tuesday, the disgraced actor was seen sporting two new tattoos as the shocking accusations from the “House of Hammer” documentary series recede. Hammer, who has been at the center of … Read more

“I was afraid to get homeless again’

Tiffany Haddish He knows how to save “Like a Boss”. The homeless actress revealed her spending habits, including living on $500 a month early in her career, when she began booking roles in Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” and “The Carmichael Show,” where she started In making a little bit of money” from … Read more

Where is Cindy Jessup, the woman who “stole” Olivia Newton-John’s first husband now?

She was the young blonde babysitter who was blamed for the breakup of Olivia Newton-John’s first marriage after courting the actress’ husband while they were raising money together to fight her first battle against cancer in 1994 – only to marry him in secret years later. . And today in an exclusive interview, Cindy Jessup … Read more

Bold and beautiful: the forest learns that Sheila was killed by a bear

At the cliff house, the morning after eagerly reconnecting, Finn and Stevie were wandering into the living room. He says last night was great and admits she was staring at him all night. Finn vows he will never leave them again. Stevie feels very lucky to be back in the family again. They start kissing. … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres sends her best wishes to former actress Anne Heche as the actress is still in a coma after a car accident

Ellen DeGeneres addresses the Anne Heshe accident DeGeneres shared his best wishes for the actress who is in a coma after last week’s fiery crash. The former couple had a tumultuous split over two decades ago. the newYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Ellen DeGeneres She reacted to the health of ex-girlfriend Anne … Read more

Laurie Harvey says she ‘almost got married very young’

Laurie Harvey Change the way you date her. The 25-year-old spoke about her approach to relationships on Bumble’s Luv2SeeIt Youtube series with Tiana Taylor. During Wednesday’s episode, Harvey and Taylor had an intimate conversation about their philosophies for relationships of all kinds, from romantic to platonic to professional. The couple discussed not compromising core values, … Read more