What Would Donald Judd Do?

MARFA, Texas—Donald Judd’s sculptures are ticking. In the high desert 100 gleaming aluminum forms — each the exact same size — are aligned in rows with military precision inside two former artillery sheds, just as Judd had ordered. Pristine and silver, they reflect light pouring through giant window walls that Judd designed to replace aging … Read more

From the battlefields of Iraq to the music scene in Nashville, how a veteran uses art to heal

“I had this desire in me,” he said. “I joined the Marine Corps…I wanted to be the first person to go overseas and fight.” During basic training, he was selected for the special assignment of guarding then-President George W. Bush at Camp David. Once he got his permit and completed the 14-month mission, he was … Read more

Who the hell is TVHeadATX? Domestic agitator reveals wheat purification … a thing or two – Arts

TVHead’s bold work can be found throughout the city, and his ubiquitous wheat-poster and posters draw public attention to walls, utility poles, and traffic light boxes throughout our fast-spreading urban core. The centerpiece of the art: a business-friendly citizen who has a big old-fashioned cathode ray tube for a TV in place of his head … Read more

‘Brilliant and ever-changing’: Readers’ favorite street art in Europe | street art

Winning trip: Technical heights, Esch, Luxembourg European Capital of Culture 2022 Esch-sur-Alzette (or simply Esch) is filled with beautiful urban art. Some refer to the city’s industrial past, some refer to its modern cultural development and local heroes. Many of them are as tall as the buildings they draw which makes a great impression. Artists … Read more

David Bowie tops Sky Arts’ list of the most influential British artists of the past 50 years

David Bowie has been named to Sky Arts’ list of the most influential British artists of the past 50 years. The Starman singer, who died at the age of 69 of cancer in 2016, topped the list with a victory over the Spice Girls, Stormzy, Elton John and Vivienne Westwood. The list recognizes popular artists … Read more

How the war changed the Kyiv Museum’s view of its past

Kyiv, Ukraine – Most of our showrooms are now empty in Mestetsky arsenalOne of the largest art museums in Europe. As at nearly every cultural institution in the Ukrainian capital, its curators and archivists dropped the exhibits when war broke out on February 24. Much of the collection of about 4,500 pieces has been moved … Read more