8 types of coworkers you should look out for and avoid at all costs

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. The average person will work 90,000 hours in their life. according to Harvard study of adult developmentWho you invest those hours with will determine how long you live, how happy you are and how much you earn on your career. It matters not only who you work with … Read more

Urban Innovation Fund, VMG Catalyst among women-led companies to raise new money – TechCrunch

Venture capital companies continue to raise new money, at any time Looks like lightning speed. Two companies have stopped in recent days, including Urban Innovation Fundwhich closed with commitments of $101 million to Fund III and $20 million to the Opportunity Fund, and VMG . CatalystA fund of $400 million. Both companies are led by … Read more

7 investors discuss why edtech startups must go back to basics to survive – TechCrunch

Later, edtech’s Spot light looks like a fever dream. In the early rounds of the pandemic, major corporations turned into unicorns seemingly overnight as the Zoom school became a reality for millions around the world, and a frenzy of check-writing enthralled investors. Then we slowly saw the focus and sharpening of the light. Companies that … Read more

New ‘Institutional Angel’ fund is an example of the UK’s continued ability to innovate in projects – TechCrunch

The UK Institutional Investment Scheme has been a driving force for start-ups outside the UK as it has allowed angel investors to invest in a very tax efficient manner. Launched in 1994, it was designed to encourage investment in unquoted small businesses. as such Wikipedia We’ll tell you that by the end of the 2014-2015 … Read more

SaaS Startup Stimulus Closes Its $2.5 Million Initial Round – TechCrunch

Starting a SaaS Stimulus Today announced the closing of the initial seed round that exceeded the $2.5 million subscription led by Black Ops Ventures. Tiffany Stannard The company launched in 2017 with a focus on supply chain, creating a product that provides organizations with the tools and data to select, compare, and build relationships with … Read more

5 things a woman should know before starting a business

Analysis: Here’s how budding women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs can overcome the pitfalls and challenges they face Entrepreneurship has always been associated with men and was once considered a form of masculinity and a “men only” profession. In past years, some even claimed Entrepreneurship requires high levels of testosterone. While this may now seem absurd, this … Read more

This ultra-local startup is transforming neighborhood women into librarians and entrepreneurs

When there’s local groceries, e-commerce, logistics, and transportation – why not a local bookstore? In fact, it would be like hitting the bull’s-eye if it had the double advantage of creating young female entrepreneurs, right? Our story begins in 2019 in the United States, when Sheetal Shah She found herself spending a lot of time … Read more

A list of female venture capitalists in the Pacific Northwest – GeekWire

Back in 2018, GeekWire published a list of women investors based in the Pacific Northwest who were writing checks to help startups grow. A lot has changed in four years. We’ve put together a new compilation below, highlighting more than 60 women venture capitalists across Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver B.C. Venture capital dollars reached record … Read more