Behind 81st Street Art – Natural History Museum Subway Station

photo from photography Chris Sampson via flickr The American Museum of Natural History It has been beloved by New Yorkers and visitors alike since it opened in 1869. Home to the iconic 94-foot model of the blue whale, millions of biological specimens, and human cultural artifacts, it’s easy to see how this museum became the … Read more

Andrew Mangyapan on the future with Flames: ‘I really like where this team is headed’

earlier this month, Andrew Mangyapan She signed a three-year contract worth $17.4 million with Calgary Flames. That’s nice money for a guy who went without an industry. twice. Nine years after being skipped in the 2013 OHL Draft and eight years after not being elected in his first year NHL Eligibility, Mangyapan, 26, is a … Read more

Texas Tech men’s basketball releases non-conference schedule

Texas Tech men’s basketball coach Mark Adams stands on the sidelines in the March Madness Championship first round game against Montana State, Friday, March 18, 2022, at Viejas Arena in San Diego, California. Texas Tech won, 97-62. Men’s college basketball season is approaching. Texas Tech will know its non-conference opponents after releasing a non-conference schedule … Read more

‘Dali Cup’ is now the unofficial fifth in golf and looks incredible

Getty Images / Jonathan Ferry Drinking beer on the golf course isn’t for everyone. And don’t tear darts into every hole. But for John Daly, it’s about the course, and for the Daly Cup, an unofficial 5th Major in golf, it’s a popular way to play the game. Famous John Daly (recently) said he thinks … Read more