How to send text messages from your Mac or PC

Placeholder while loading article actions It’s 2022. The same cars drive around some cities. Some types of clothes become automated. At least a few people are convinced of that Artificial intelligence has become self-aware. So why is sending a text message from your computer still a bit of a crapshoot sometimes? True, it’s not true … Read more

Intel introduces children’s STEM character, virtual reality at the Hartford Fair

Croton — Intel Corporation won’t start manufacturing computer chips in Licking County until 2025, but the company provided a glimpse of its facilities and technologies on Wednesday at the Hartford Fair. The company showcased its capabilities and introduced science, technology, engineering and mathematics to children in a tent at the fair. Intel’s last day at … Read more

Edge artificial intelligence wireless video capsule endoscopy

System design Our system design is architectured around incorporating adaptive and embedded AI, which eliminates both hardware and embedded-software barriers that impede the transition from a passive camera pill to an intelligent one. Onboard AI and OTAP are the distinct modi operandi of our camera pill compared to that of other solutions. Undergoing a UGI-LGI … Read more

So Long, and Thanks for All the Chips

In my two-decade career in journalism, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some great sites, but I’ve spent the largest chunk of my time here at ExtremeTech, initially as a part-time contributor back in 2011. I came on board full-time in 2014 and became managing editor last fall. Over 11 years, I’ve written 5,663 … Read more

Flow wars are over

Netflix was seen as an existential threat to the old media industry, so its strategy of increasing subscribers was the only strategy nearly everyone on Wall Street and in the media boardrooms cared about. Pandemic lockdowns exacerbation of urgency; Now, that war to win subscribers at any cost is over. The broadcast itself isn’t going … Read more