3 Utah authors share the stories behind their latest picture book

Utah authors David Butterworth, left; Janelle Thompson and Liel Frankum, center; and two neighbors Ahlmann, right, standing with their books. (David Butterworth, Janelle Thompson, and Garen Ahlmann) Estimated reading time: 7-8 minutes Salt Lake City – Every month I write a book column highlighting some of my favorite children’s books so other parents who love … Read more

From the battlefields of Iraq to the music scene in Nashville, how a veteran uses art to heal

“I had this desire in me,” he said. “I joined the Marine Corps…I wanted to be the first person to go overseas and fight.” During basic training, he was selected for the special assignment of guarding then-President George W. Bush at Camp David. Once he got his permit and completed the 14-month mission, he was … Read more

“I was afraid to get homeless again’

Tiffany Haddish He knows how to save “Like a Boss”. The homeless actress revealed her spending habits, including living on $500 a month early in her career, when she began booking roles in Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” and “The Carmichael Show,” where she started In making a little bit of money” from … Read more

Cleveland Cavaliers to hold player-led training in Los Angeles next week

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cleveland Cavaliers will meet in Los Angeles for volunteer-led, player-led drills ahead of training next week, sources told cleveland.com. All-star guard Darius Garland and Rookie of the Year runner-up Evan Mobley—two players who spend time on the West Coast during the holiday season—help organize training. Sources say he is expected to … Read more

John Calipari says Kentucky is a ‘basketball school’ but football coach Mark Stubbs wonders if it’s true

Kentucky Basketball coach John Calipari woke up Thursday and decided to make the case for his program for a new training facility. So talk to Athletic’s Kyle TuckerExplaining how he had to stop a recent practice because the roof was leaking at 15-year-old Joe Craft’s center, he eventually said the following: “This is a basketball … Read more

Takeaway and schedule ahead of the 2022 NFL season

The first full week of the 2022 NFL pre-season kicked off Thursday night, with the New England Patriots hosting the New York Giants, and the Baltimore Ravens welcoming the Tennessee Titans to start the roster. A field goal in the last second lifted the Giants to a 23-21 victory in first-year coach Brian Dabol’s debut … Read more

Forest fires in France: Europe deteriorates as recurring heatwaves wreak havoc

After days of battles, French firefighters noticed the first signs of slowing fires in the southwestern Gironde region on Thursday afternoon. “The fires did not increase much during the day, despite the very low humidity and high temperatures, thanks to the combined action of the specially provided means,” Mark Vermeulen, Gironde fire chief, said at … Read more